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Art & Design | 27 Aug 2014


Discover the artist Dana Tanamachi-Williams listening to country music or collecting vintage packaging for inspiration while she works on any given number of projects within her newly-formed Brooklyn-based design firm. Tanamachi Studio started modestly, but now Dana is adding clients like Oprah, Time Magazine, Nike, Burton, Target, and even Google to her roster. Tanamachi Studio

Art & Design &Music | 08 Mar 2014

Ears Have Eyes

Vinyl Cover Art – Champions of vinyl, The Electric Recording Company have been meticulously recreating rare vinyl LPs, making perfect copies of the originals without digital interference.LPs out of a North London Studio. This video provides a fascinating insight into the artisan skill and techniques used in reproducing the packaging in a purely analogue way, […]

Art & Design | 08 Feb 2014

The Paper Skin

Leica is certainly proud of their new creation. They used specially treated paper called ‘Constellation Jade’ made by Iconic Fedrigoni Papers that they claim is better than even the best leathers. It’s acetone resistant, abrasion resistant and can withstand temperatures between -40 and 158°F. The final product is placed in book-style packaging to complete the […]

Art & Design | 09 Jul 2013

Every day start of something Beautiful

The Vandercook celebrates 100 years of printing on the Vandercook proof press (1909-2009) and showcases 100 of today’s most significant letterpress printers who use the Vandercook press. Vandercook presses were manufactured for the commercial printing industry from 1909 to 1976. During that period, more than 30,000 presses were produced. Printing technology changed, and those presses […]

Art & Design | 04 May 2013

The History of Typography – Animated Short

Art & Design &Books | 15 Feb 2013

Manhattan of the Mind

Maps are more about their makers than the places they describe. Map who you are. Map where you are. Fill the map with a story or paint your favorite cup of coffee. Map the invisible. Map the obvious. Map your memories. “I remember standing at the top of Manhattan and being terrified,” says Becky Cooper, […]

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