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Books | 18 Jul 2013

Italian Ways

Italian Ways On and Off the Rails from Milan to Palermo Tim Parks, author of Italian Ways, ruminates on why train stations are the ideal scenario for greetings and farewells. The Romance of Train Stations “If the whole of railway technology, the whole cultural and architectural heritage that is the Italian rail station, had been […]

Architecture & Design &Books | 07 Mar 2013

Architect of Photography

A Stunning Survey Of Pics By Eero Saarinen’s In-House Photographer Hired as a designer, Balthazar Korab captured some of the most important monuments to Modernism. In 1954, a young Hungarian went to work with Eero Saarinen in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. As his then colleague, Cesar Pelli, describes him: “[He] was a small sensation: he had […]

Art & Design &Books | 15 Feb 2013

Manhattan of the Mind

Maps are more about their makers than the places they describe. Map who you are. Map where you are. Fill the map with a story or paint your favorite cup of coffee. Map the invisible. Map the obvious. Map your memories. “I remember standing at the top of Manhattan and being terrified,” says Becky Cooper, […]

Books &Photography | 11 Jan 2013

Pieces of Life

Most photographers seem to operate with a pane of glass between themselves and their subjects. They just can’t get inside and know the subject.–  W. Eugene Smith The American photojournalist W. Eugene Smith (1918–1978) revolutionized the photo-essay form with the works he published in Life magazine between 1948 and 1956. This monograph reproduces images from six […]

Books &Poetry | 15 Oct 2012

Mornings with Mary Oliver

In A THOUSAND MORNINGS, Mary Oliver returns to the imagery that has come to define her life’s work, transporting us to the marshland and coastline of her beloved home, Provincetown, Massachusetts. In these pages, Oliver shares the wonder of dawn, the grace of animals, and the transformative power of attention. Whether studying the leaves of […]

Books &Life | 10 Aug 2012

Life List

What is life? That, ultimately, is the question posed by Life List, journalist Olivia Gentile’ biography of Phoebe Snetsinger. Phoebe Snetsinger had planned to be a scientist, but, like most women who got married in the 1950s, she ended up keeping house, with four kids and a home in the suburbs by her mid-thirties. Numb […]

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