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Nature &Science | 15 Nov 2010

An Imperfect World

The order that we search so intensely in Nature, is often a reflection of the order that we seek in ourselves… Making Sense Of An Imperfect World… Brief excerpt from essay by Marcelo Gleiser To accept the imperfection of Nature, that order is not the only guiding principle to explain physical reality, is a very […]

Nature | 19 Jul 2010

Melting Mountains

We have lived by the assumption that what was good for us would be good for the world. We have been wrong. … live by the contrary assumption that what is good for the world will be good for us.- Wendell Berry The Himalayan range encompasses about 15,000 glaciers, which store about 12,000 km3 of […]

Nature &Science | 04 Jun 2010

Cellular Orchestra

We are star stuff ,which has taken its destiny into its own hands. -Carl Sagan The genome pioneer J. Craig Venter has taken another step in his quest to create synthetic life, by synthesizing an entire bacterial genome and using it to take over a cell. Dr. Venter calls the result a “synthetic cell” and […]

Nature &Science | 11 Jan 2010

Ecological Inheritance

Each Other — Where We Are The recent Time magazine cover feature Why Genes Aren’t Your Destiny lead me to post this feature on epigenetics by Ecologist, author, poet and cancer survivor, Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized expert on the environmental links to cancer and reproductive health. May seem long to read on […]

Nature &Poetry | 07 Oct 2009

This Compost

What chemistry!” The rapt poet Walt Whitman contemplates the mystery by which humans and animals rot into the life-giving soil. “It renews with such unwitting looks its prodigal, annual, sumptuous crops, / It gives such divine materials to men, and accepts such leavings from them at last. While composting is a practical chore we suffer […]

Mathematics &Nature &Poetry | 14 Jan 2009

Poetic Ratios

Inger Christensen, a distinguished Danish poet whose work — lyrical, philosophical, self-referential and exquisitely mathematical — was a cornerstone of modern Scandinavian poetry, died on Jan. 2 in Copenhagen. She was 73 and lived in Copenhagen. Read N.Y.Times obituary Inger Christensen wrote her masterpiece poem “Alphabet” in 1981.(Being reproduced below)  She uses the alphabet (from […]

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