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Books &Photography | 11 Jan 2013

Pieces of Life

Most photographers seem to operate with a pane of glass between themselves and their subjects. They just can’t get inside and know the subject.–  W. Eugene Smith The American photojournalist W. Eugene Smith (1918–1978) revolutionized the photo-essay form with the works he published in Life magazine between 1948 and 1956. This monograph reproduces images from six […]

Photography | 24 Oct 2010

Photo Montage

Essentially, video has been at the fingertips of photographers for years, but it’s only in the past few years, that full frame, HD video has made its way into the D-SLR camera after Nikon D90. The significance is less that photographers can be videographers, as much as it allows low-light, shallow depth-of-field videography that simply […]

Photography | 13 Oct 2010

The Unguarded Moment

The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people’s reality…  – Susan Sontag Every image tells a story, but it’s rather special to hear it from the photographer. The legendary photo-journalist and Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry spoke to Phaidon about the stories behind some of his iconic photographs taken from around the world. Explore Steve […]

Photography | 01 Apr 2010

The White Balance

The White Balance Lens Cap -Perfect White Balance every time. No Gray Card required! You may think automatic white balance is good enough. But if you’ve ever had to fix dozens (or even 100s) of photos with just slightly different colors, one-by-one, you know the true meaning of pain. The White Balance Lens Cap leaves […]

News &Photography | 30 Mar 2010

Ansel Adams:The Mural Project

In 1941, Ansel Adams was commissioned for a special project. Harold Ickes, secretary of the interior at the time (i.e., the federal department responsible for the management of federal land), asked the photographer to produce large-format murals of areas controlled by the department. The project was cut short with the attack on Pearl Harbor, and […]

Photography | 25 Mar 2010

Simplicity is bliss

Cloak™ Bag Travel Camera Bag The Cloak™ Bag is a SLR camera bag that doesn’t look like one, and you can take photos without getting the camera out of the bag. You’ll never hesitate to carry your camera around your neck – and never miss another good shot. The clever design of the Cloak Bag […]

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