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Poetry- Physics | 25 May 2010

On Divers Geometries

William Bronk’s poetry begins where philosophy leaves off: in the enactment of an idea, in the testing of a proposition. Each poem addresses itself to a central question of existence, not only why we are here but where we are. It seems there is more than one way to argue about the nature of reality. […]

Poetry- Physics | 10 Mar 2010

Often I Imagine the Earth

Often I imagine the earth through the eyes of the atoms we’re made of— atoms, peculiar atoms everywhere— no me, no you, no opinions, no beginning, no middle, no end, soaring together like those ancient Chinese birds hatched miraculously with only one wing, helping each other fly home. -By Dan Gerber Dan Gerber lives in […]

Poetry- Physics | 28 Aug 2009

Cosmic Gall

At the lowest level so far discovered there are twelve kinds of matter particles: six quarks and six leptons. a lepton that was present in the Big Bang and which has been re-created in particle accelerators another lepton present in the Big Bang is created in the sun and in supernovas, as well as in […]

Poetry- Physics | 23 Apr 2009

A Responsibility to Awe

Rebbcca Elson was an astronomer. Her principal work focused on globular clusters, teasing out the history of stellar birth, life and death. She took her PhD at Cambridge and  started publishing poems while working at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Princeton, and researched at the Harvard Center for Astrophysics. I was born in the […]

Poetry- Physics &Science | 19 Dec 2008

Particle physics, the aria

This is an fascinating ideas cross pollination, which reaffirms my belief that Physics is Poetry.. I’ve got the world on a string. —Frank Sinatra A talk with Lisa Randall HARVARD’S JEFFERSON LABORATORY, home to the physics department since 1884, has seen its share of firsts; 10 Nobel Laureates have made their discoveries there. Today, leading […]

Poetry- Physics | 02 Aug 2008

The first ten million millennia or so

In the “beginning”, nothing No time, no space, no matter. No energy, no strings Nothing not even a point, not even a void nothing. No laws of physics, No myths, no gods; Nothing, absolutely nothing Nada 0 Then, a singularity. Call it a bang, call it a Big Bang, call it light, call it God. […]

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