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Economic Behaviour &Poetry | 10 Jan 2009

Market Forecast

This evocative, redolent & relevant poem, which originally I had posted as comment on Michele’s blog. As my readers much enjoyed it, I decided to also share as a post.

Market Forecast


Adjectives continue
their downward spiral,
with adverbs likely to follow.

Wisdom, grace, and beauty
can be had three for a dollar,
as they head for a recession.

Diaphanous, filigree,
pearlescent, and love
are now available
at wholesale prices.

Verbs are still blue-chip investments,
but not many are willing to sell.

The image market is still strong,
but only for those rated AA or higher.
Beware of cheap imitations
sold by the side of the road.

Only the most conservative
consider rhyme a good option,
but its success in certain circles
warrants a brief mention.

The ongoing search for fresh
metaphor has caused concern
among environmental activists,

who warn that both the moon and the sea
have measurably diminished
since the dawn of the Romantic era.

Latter-day prosodists are having to settle
for menial positions in poultry plants,
where an aptitude for repetitive rhythms
is considered a valuable trait.

The outlook for the future remains uncertain,
and troubled times may lie ahead.
Supply will continue to outpace demand,
and the best of the lot will remain unread.

-By Alexa Selph

2 Responses to “Market Forecast”

  1. on 10 Jan 2009 at 3:08 PM 1.Nimesh Dadia said …

    Lao Aju

    The Year 2007 , End of an Era , The Year 2008 , the beginning of an even greater apocalypse..
    Everthing around us is not what it used to be. History cannot anymore be considered a yardstick anymore.

    This year will serve as a Maypole for each one of us and what more befiting words one can express post the recent Ramalinga Raju’s Sathyam Heist.

    “Wisdom, grace, and beauty
    can be had three for a dollar,
    as they head for a recession.”


  2. on 17 Aug 2009 at 9:05 PM 2.Alexa Selph said …

    Hey there!

    What an interesting site. Thanks for giving my poem a wider audience!


    Alexa Selph

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